We are reptile breeders in Toronto, On, Canada.
We breed Leopard Geckos, and African Fat Tails. We have also expanded into Ball Pythons.
We pride ourselves on Beautiful and healthy animals, and exceptional customer service. Not only do we ensure that you are taking home a healthy animal, but we are here to make sure you understand the care and needs of the animal before and after you take them home. We offer our animals as Beautiful Pets and Exceptional Breeders.


We are currently working on the following projects:

Leopard Geckos:

White and Yellows, Tangerine Tornados, Blood Hypos, Ecectric Tangerines, RAPTORS, Diablo Blancos, Giants and Super Giants Sunglows, Mack Snows, Super Snows, Snow Bells, RADARS, Mack Snow RAPTOR, Enigmas and Enigma Crosses, Emerines, Snowglows, Tremper Albinos,Typhoons, Rainwater Albinos and hybinos.

We have worked to maintain excellent bloodlines.

African Fat Tails

We are working with Caramel Albinos, Tangerine Amels and Whiteouts.

Ball Pythons

We have a small collection of exceptional animals. We will be working with Fires, Enchis, Pastels, Black Pewters, VPI Axanthic, Bees, Vanillas, Pinstripes, Albinos, Pieds, Mojhaves, Normals, and Lessers

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Take a look at our breeders on the Collection page, and see what we have for sale on the available page. Keep updated on our progress through the season on the news page. We have detailed care sheets in the Care section, we have links to some of our friends and some great sites in the links section. You can feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or inquiries about our animals throught the Contact Us section.

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